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What is Thermal Imaging

Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection

Infrared Thermal Imaging allows the inspector to show their clients things that are not revealed using conventional inspection methods. This is a specialized part of the inspection that most San Diego County inspectors just aren’t using, even though the technology has been around for years. Here at The Property Inspection Pros, we include for no additional charge, Infrared Thermal Imagining with every inspection.

The latest Technology

Here at The Property Inspection Pros we use the latest in thermal imaging technology. We use the FLIR C2 Infrared Camera. The FLIR C2 is pretty exciting! One lens sees the thermal image, the other sees a visual image. The combination is a two image overlay that provides much greater detail then just your standard thermal image only cameras widely used in the field.

Thorough explanation of all findings

As cool as this technologies is, there are limitations of thermal imaging. We are transparent!and include the fact that, as with any type of inspection, this technology can’t predict future conditions. Nevertheless, if a roof is experiencing moisture intrusion at the time of the inspection, and is detected with our thermal imaging camera, we can inform the client this condition will very likely lead to serious structural issues, if left unaddressed. Not a future prediction, but a reason to hire a licensed roof contractor to further explore this issue.

Things found with our Thermal Camera

An infrared thermal imaging inspection can identify and document moisture intrusion, energy loss, and unexpected hot spots. Here are some of the other things found that are not easily revealed using conventional inspection methods.

  • Plumbing/ drain line leaks
  • Hidden roof leaks before they cause serious damage
  • Missing, damaged and/or wet insulation
  • Water and moisture intrusion around penetrations and at the foundation and building envelope that could lead to structural damage and mold
  • Damaged and/or malfunctioning heating systems
  • Air-conditioner compressor leaks as well as improper temperature differences
  • Broken seals in double-paned windows
  • Circuit breakers in need of immediate replacement
  • Overloaded and undersized circuits
  • Overheated electrical equipment and components
  • Electrical faults before they cause a fire

Thermal imaging equipment is expensive enough that not every inspector has one or offers this with every standard home inspection. However, those who use infrared cameras as part of their standard home inspection will confirm that they would never leave home without it.

Here at The Property Inspection Pros we pride ourselves to provide the most high tech, detailed and comprehensive inspections in the industry.