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What Can Be Done With An Infrared Camera

The camera can be applied inside as well as outside. Fields of application include any symptoms and signs marked by a temperature difference on a surface. Here’s a list of concrete capacities according to field of application:

Leak, humidity detection

• Floor heating thermography
• Heating thermography inspections
• Building envelope thermography
• Air tightness testing
• Door seal inspection
• Wall seal heat loss inspection
• Moisture thermography inspections
• Roof moisture thermography
• Dew point thermography inspection

Building valuing/ damage, repair inspections

• Due diligence thermography
• Covered openings search in walls
• Work documentation, quality control (before and after repair)
• Energy investigations
• Education

Classic maintenance AND building application

• HVAC system performance and repair
• Home electrical inspection
• Indoor environment inspection
• Pest control
• Distant heating system inspection
• Checking drying efficiency of walls, floors, ceilings

Benefits : Infrared cameras pave the way to –

• reducing heating costs
• preserving and increasing the building substance
• supporting contractors in warranty claims
• checking repair quality
• detecting long-time construction damages
• detecting and preventing mold and decay
• preventing formation of condensation
• preventing humidity intrusion in building